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Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women who can develop this type of breast cancer at any age. Breast cancer is actually a malignant tumor resulting from the cells of the breast which start to grow without any reason. Although breast cancer mainly occurs in women, it can also affect men.

Breast cancer is rare in men but this type of cancer has a significantly worse prognosis for men. The outcomes for women and men are better in case of early diagnosis when the cancer has not yet spread to other body parts.

The symptoms of breast cancer are similar in women and in men. Men are more prone to breast cancer when they are older 60 years of age while women can develop it at any age.

The types of breast cancer can be different in their severity, ability to metastasize, risk to affect other body organs and systems.

Some factors can increase the chances for breast cancer to develop in women and in men. Some mutations can happen during life or a person abuses alcohol or smokes cigarettes, or is exposed to certain chemicals or environments. These factors can increase the risk for breast cancer in both women and men.

The following risk factors for breast cancer are more common in women – early menopause, having diagnosis of benign breast cancer, dense breast tissue, exposure to chest radiation, having no children or the first child after age 30, obesity.

As both women and men get older, their chances for breast cancer increase. Besides a family history of breast cancer doubles the risks.

The signs of breast cancer can include: a lump in the breast or armpit,bloody nipple discharge, inverted nipple, orange-peel texture or dimpling of the breast\’s skin,breast pain, swollen lymph nodes in the neck and some others.

Treatments for breast cancer can be very aggressive and involve surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. Some medications are approved for the treatment of breast cancer in women and men.

Still it is always better to prevent than to treat especially such dangerous health disease as breast cancer. Prevention can help avoid many health consequences and even death from cancer which can spread from the breast to other body parts.

From the history of medical science it is well known that certain herbs and plants possess the power to prevent cancer and even to treat it. Some herbs have anti-tumor properties like killing or fighting cancer cells in the body.

The herbs can also help stimulate the immune system function to prevent formation of cells and cancer development.

The natural product called Anti-tumor Siberian Monastery Tea is herbal tea product created to fight growth of tumors in the human body. It can boost immune system function, prevent cancer development and increase general health.

The Siberian herbs are rich in natural components which can be used during the treatment of different types of cancer, including breast cancer. The tea should be used daily for obtaining the best treatment results.

Anti-tumor Siberian Monastery Tea contains 16 herbs and herbal parts. The composition of the tea is effective and safe. It includes: sage leaves, nettle, wild rose, immortelle, bearberry, milfoil, birch buds, linder flowers,camomile, straw flower and some others.

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